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The Crossover

The Crossover

The Starting of Portmageddon

It’s been a long time since the last time I’m on Earth. It was one thousand and twenty years ago before my own handmade prototype spacehouse was made. Now it’s 3049, just one thousand years after the sun exploded. And now, there’s a thing STAR-X. It’s a thing like the sun. It has its own heat source, light source, and ultraviolet radiation but it can be controlled by workers in the Star Corps. It can control the Ultraviolet radiation from low until high. Now we live in a moon called Aurora, it supports the living creature inside. Actually the first time human live in space was in my Prototype SpaceHouse. But not on my own though. I sell them for 1 Kreen and its 100 dollars if you buy it on USD. It’s pretty cheap because it’s easy to find the material to build. Honestly, no it’s so hard to find the material you need but when I make it for the first time I already build a cloner gun. The ray from the gun identifies and clone the material from…

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